My Second Volume of Poetry

My second volume of poetry, “How To See Deer” is nor available on Amazon. It’s a collection of 30 poems, ranging in length from haiku length to several pages. What a sample? Here are two.

This was written during an extended stay ion North Wales, a land and people steeped in mystery.

Mynydd y Gaer: The Old Ones

I stand on a hilltop, surrounded by ancient stones
Gathered by The Old Ones and built into a wall.
Sheep wander in and out.

The sky darkens as clouds veil the sun.
A raindrop falls on my face, and a raven
Flies overhead with a hoarse croak.
The Welsh hills dissolve in the gathering rain.

Wind blows across
The old stone wall.
Sheep move at random.
The raven flies off.

I stand, alone, in the rain,
With The Old Ones,
And the stones, and the ruined wall.

And this is one of the “variations” in a section of the book I call “Zen Variation”.


Garden Zen

I sit in my garden and contemplate
The depth and profundity of the universe.
And all the while the wind blows gently
From the hills and teases the leaves
And flowers and brushes my hair.
A humming bird visits the bright red sage
And gnats hover in the warm air.

What need is there of profundity
When everything I need is here.

Apple Tree

An apple tree stands quietly in the meadow
Watching the afternoon. Sheep graze
In the next field, and a hawk circles aimlessly.
Gnats cloud against the blue sky.

I watch as the world opens its mouth and yawns,
Sleepy and ready to nap in the warm afternoon,
Under the apple tree. A single cloud wanders
Across the sky as if forgotten.

Old Bashō’s frog sits zazen.

The rest can be yours for only $10 on Amazon. Now I know some folks have trouble with Amazon, but its self-publishing program has everything that I need for publishing my own poetry, so I use it. But if you’d rather not go there yourself, let me know, and I’ll act as the book distributer for you. and while you’re at it, you might want to pick up “Full Circle: A Collection of Sonnets” my first volume.

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